• Electrical power generation stations.
  • Controlling & distribution Networks.
  • Electrical power distribution .
  • Establishing and managing electrical power projects.

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When the group sees the need for a product or a service, the group provides it. Taking into consideration the rising need for electrical projects in the construction sector and through our vertical and horizontal integrated approach, Pan Kingdom power Company was another link that completes the chain.

 We look forward to become one of the pioneer companies in the Kingdom through the implementation of our values : commitment, accuracy, dedication, high standards and team work efficiency.

Therefore, we cooperate with national and international companies operate with state-of-the-art technology, constantly renovate equipment and train the crew to work with all of the aforementioned.




The accomplishments throughout the journey of Saudi Pan Kingdom Holding were not a coincidence. They were the result of generations of hard work, devotion and solidarity among the minds and the arms of many persons who had a clear vision of the bright future. This vision started to take shape as the company developed and its activities and specialists diversified.


At the beginning, it was one company :Saudi Pan Kingdom-SAPAC that was, and still is, a solid company ready to take giant leaps into the future. We foresaw needs and satisfied them, we anticipated problems and we solved them through the creation of one company after the other, each an entity itself, but all together forming one chain of events that contributes in satisfying the needs of all the construction related fields.



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